How do I use an Almond Nut Pie Crust or Chocolate Almond Nut Crust?

Easy as Pie! Fill then Bake or Bake then Fill. Follow your recipe. If your recipe says to use a pre-baked crust (typically for no-bake pie fillings) then follow the instructions on our box to pre-bake your pie crust. If your recipe says to fill your pie crust then bake your pie all at once (typically for fruit pies and cheesecakes) then do just that and bake entire pie for the time your recipe recommends.


Do you sell any Keto friendly pies?

We currently do not offer any whole pies that are Keto & Paleo friendly. However, both our pie crusts are Keto & Paleo friendly and are delicious with many Keto friendly recipes. Check out our Recipes tab on this website to see our suggestions.


Do you have to keep the crusts frozen?

It is recommended to keep all our products frozen until ready to use.


How long do your products keep in the freezer?

Our products have a tested shelf life of 8 months.


Do you have seasonal pies?

We do! Our Pumpkin Pie is seasonal. Be on the lookout for this delectable dessert September through December.


Where can I purchase your products?

Please visit our Store Locator tab on this website and enter your zip code to find the nearest location to you.


Are all your products Gluten Free?

Yes! Ruffled Apron Foods is proud all of our products are Gluten free.


Do you ship?

Unfortunately, we do not ship our products direct to consumer.


How can I get your products in my local grocery store?

What a compliment! Tell your store manager! Let them know we distribute with UNFI and can place their order anytime with their UNFI representative.